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Expert neurologist

Petr Melikov

Specialized in neurology at the Tel Aviv Sorsky Center, Ichilov. Works at an expert neurologist at Laniado Hospital, a headache clinic

Scientific experience

Major topics in scientific work: migraine and stroke connection, migraine-free migraine treatment, digital methods for diagnosis and treatment of migraine

In 2020, in Los Angeles, California, the United States presented migraine research with Aura as a risk factor for ischemic brain injury – Risk Score Calculator “MARS” at the American Stroke Association International conference.

Experience with clinical research on innovative anti-CGRP antibody therapy for migraine headaches with natural companies, Novartis, Eli Lilly.

Was involved in the research of Therica NERIVO MIGRA – an electric stimulant for acute migraine treatment.


Botox injections for chronic migraines organized by Allergan, San Diego Neurology Center.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian

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Specialized clinic for diagnosis and treatment Migraine especially for refractory to treatment and chronic Migraine that use actual international standards for Migraine

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