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Work with best specialists and enthusiastic people to treat Migraine


Launch research programs and innovative approaches for Migraine


Be transparent and develop together with people with Migraine

What we research



Stroke risk prediction for migraine, vascular risk workup protocol for migraine and stroke prevention if necessary.


Migraine Lifestyle program
Mindfulness meditation for Migraine


Migraine prevalence in Israel
Migraine stigma in Israel

MARS stroke risk prediction for migraine

Joint Israel Migraine Clinic, University South Carolina and other USA medical cites assessing a newly developed model to predict stroke risk in patients with migraine with aura.
Results demonstrated that the risk score can be a useful tool for clinicians and may help direct preventive care.
The findings were presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference, 2020, in Los Angeles, California.
Israel Migraine Clinic


Team is our core value! All team members are professionals and Certified experts! All specialists are enthusiastic people with high empathy level and are dedicated to providing the best possible care!

נוירולוג מומחה לכאבי ראש

Senior Neurologist, Board Certified in Neurology by the Ministry of Health of Israel

Peter Melikov MD, PhD

Board Certified in Neurology by the Ministry of Health of Israel.
Completed residency at the Neurology department Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Ichilov.
Works at Clalit public general health services, and has private practice at Israel Migraine Clinic.
Uses Botox, novel CGRP antibody injections, nerve blocks, nerve stimulators for Migraine.

Senior Psychiatrist

Esther Bukowski MD

Board Certified in Psychiatry by the Ministry of Health of Israel.
Passed residency in psychiatry at Beer Yakov-Ness Tziona mental health center and continuous working at the center as a senior psychiatrist.
Specialized in treating depression, anxiety, mood and psychotic disorders.

Clinical Psychologist

Avishag Moshe

Certified Clinical Psychologist in Israel.
Working as senior Psychologist at the Beer Yakov-Ness Tziona mental health center.
Combines a dynamic and integrative treatment approach depending on the patients need.
Specialized in treating depression, anxiety, phobia, family and marital problems, post trauma, coping with life crises

Integral Psychotherapist

Itai Neiger

Graduate of the Hakomi institute in Israel.
Master’s degree in integral counseling psychology from the California Institute of integral studies.
Has been working with different populations teaching mindfulness meditation, including tech companies such a google, mellanox and also working with Ichilov hospital.
Itai is Hakomi therapist, a workshop and group facilitator.

Acupuncture specialist

Tal Razi

Specialized at the Assaf Harofeh Hospital in acupuncture balance method of Dr. Richard Tan that useful for chronic pain.
Works in treating pain problems, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and other conditions.
Lecturer and instructor in Chinese Medicine at the Reidman College

Sport Coach

Shaked Cohen

Former professional basketball player and marathonist.
Graduated from at Wingate College for physical activity education.
Professional fitness trainer, running instructor, TRX and groups instructor.

Clinical nutritionist

Maya Viki Aisic

Clinical nutritionist in the non-diet approach.An expert in a balanced vegetarian-vegan diet and in motivating people to change out of intrinsic motivation.Is in the process of studying eating disorders on behalf of the Magid Institute.

We are always looking for good and talented people


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Specialized clinic for diagnosis and treatment Migraine especially for refractory to treatment and chronic Migraine that use actual international standards for Migraine

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